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Founder, Trent Bullock, has a background in Mechanical Engineering from University Missouri Rolla (UMR).  He has spent his career in a variety of industries working on projects ranging from C130 aircraft and military communication Humvees to developing automation control systems that service the Food, Dairy & Beverage Industries.  He loves to develop new machines that solve problems and develop new and unique ways to improve production and grow businesses.

He is among the most persistent people I have ever collaborated with. He’s not afraid to challenge conventions, always looking for a better, more efficient way of achieving a goal. His innovative viewpoint has helped to weed out ineffective processes, ultimately improving how jobs are done.”

Jonathon King, 2012


Trent lives in the Springfield, Missouri area and is a Process Engineer for CSI (Central States Industrial).  He also has a wife, two children and three dogs which should be enough to keep anybody, busy but he still manages to have time to help others and has been doing so with the Bullock Solution since 2008.